The needs and wants of discipline within the Self.

Some measure of discipline is required for any accomplishment.
Some measure of discipline is required for any accomplishment. A peak is never reached without a bargain between discomfort and the goal.

Most all of us struggle with certain aspects of self-discipline within our personal or professional lives.  There are aspects to this self-discipline that can predicate success, levels of happiness and personal goal achievement.  Within the high school experience many problems, concerns and lack of accomplishment can be directly addressed by improving self-discipline.  The OLP or experiential learning experience is one of the most helpful factors in how students are able to actually practice the theoretical aspects of what self-discipline looks and acts like.IMG_1563

This non-cognitive strategy acts as an apparition or ghost of a subject as improving self-discipline requires a level of self-awareness that is, at times, difficult for H.S. students to grasp.  Thus, there is an ethereal quality to the presentation of the information, techniques and practices of self-discipline.

These intangible aspects come alive during the activities during the physical and mental difficulties endured during the hike.  However, the self-learning is only achieved during the act of self-reflection after the difficulties are done and if the difficulties experienced, remain nestled within the optimal learning parameters (between boredom and terror).

This experience and possible development of self-discipline needs the distance and process of self-reflection, time to contextualize the experience and effort to place the hardships within the realm of wisdom.

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