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is the resource guide for this OLP created in 2014.

Students enjoy an authentic challenge, if it is safe, socially, physically and emotionally.

The primary goal of this website: What are the most effective non-cognitive skills for the 21st century student?  The secondary goal for this project is how can an Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) use the five non-cognitive skills of a growth mindset, resilience, autonomy, self-worth and self-discipline, to better develop student leaders?

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The Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) website will enrich current outdoor experiential curriculum or may be used to craft academically engaging non-cognitive based skills in any learning environment. A fully functioning OLP will challenge the skills of its participants, increase character development and self-awareness. As students work with the content of this site, the process will be just as important as the final outcome. Mistakes are a necessary source of personal growth, allowing students to learn how to create positive outcomes from failure.


21st Century Competencies
21st Century Competencies Objectives


To learn how to introduce non-cognitive skills: Rationale 

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Looking for safe anchors
Leaders set safety as a top priority.


A leader has to be the “rock.”  Sometimes on a trip you’ll have negative and fearful people who drain energy from everyone. The leader has to operate in the opposite direction. The leader has to be not only a role model, but a source of energy and inspiration for the entire team.

~Peter Whittaker, climber/guide,
Summits Adventure Travel